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You'll find some versions of that tag in my gallery Here


To make that tag, you'll need the filter :

- Mura's Meister / Clouds.


- This time, my tubes aren't attached to the tutorial.

- The tubes of the birds are by Mou and André.

- The elements of scrap I have used are by HorsePlaypasturedesigns

(Kit : SandyToesSaltyKisses)

You may download the kit by clicking on the box downbelow :


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Tutorial made with PSP XIII


This size of this tag is the one I use when I want to have my tag printed as a postcard.

You may resize that tag in the end if you want to send it on a group.


1 - Open a new transparent image of 1600 by 1200 pixels

2 - Selection / select all.

3 - Open one of the pictures you want to use on that collage, in your Psp and copy it.

4- Paste it INTO THE SELECTION. Deselect all.

5- Adjust / Blur / Gaussian blur of your choice (50 for me).


7- Effects / Plugins / Mura's Meister / Cloud as below :

- I have set the mode of that layer on to Multiply. See which mode gives you the best result !

- Here is mine :

8- Go back to your first picture (the one you have previously blurred) and resize it as below :

- If necessary : Adjust / Sharpness / sharpen.

9- We are now going to add some NON symmetrical borders on that picture :

- Image / add some borders (in white for me) as below :

10- Activate your text tool to write something of your choice on the bottom border of that picture (Souvenir du Guilvinec for me) :

- Set your background with the colour you want to use to write your text (2a2721 for me) and close your foreground.

- Write down your text with a font of your choice if you don't have the font I have used (saginaw) and choose the size that suits you.
- Apply.
- Move your text to the right place.
- Convert your vectorial layer on to a raster one.

- Layers / Merge visible.

11- Copy that merged image and paste it as a new layer on to your 1600 by 1200 pixels width tag.

- Place your image as you wish.

12- Optionnal : Free rotation of your image as below :

- Choose the sort of rotation you want to apply on your picture :Left / Right / 10°, 20° etc.

13- Repeat all these steps with your other pictures.

- For one of them, I have added a border of 150 pixel on the right hand side of the picture and 20 pixels on the other sides .

14- My other pictures have symmetrical borders of 20 pixels.

- It is up to you to choose what borders you want to add to your pictures !

15- It is time to add decoration items on your tag.
- Copy them and paste them one by one on your tag .

16- Don't forget to drag your layers up or down according to where you want these to be !.

17- I have added some more writing on my tag and applied a free rotation on them too..

18- All you have to do now is apply your signature and add a border to merge all your layers.

- You can choose to add a fancy border if you wish !

19- Save your work as a jpeg file and resize it if necessary


That's it, you have done it !

If you have the slightest problem, don't hesitate to get in touch with me !

Tuto translated on the th of april 2016


You will find other versions of my tag, in the gallery here