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You'll find some versions of that tag in my gallery Here


To make that tag, you'll need

10 pictures that go well together and

the material zip down below :


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Tutorial made with PSP X8


1- Open the image "Fairymist_Christmas_mood_board_2017" in your PSP.

- The colour of that background may be changed later on.


3- Selections / Load a selection / Load the selection from Disk / Choose "Fairymist_Christmas_mood_board_2017"

and set as below :

4- Flood fill the selection with a colour of your choice (black for me).

5- Activate your magic tool and select the inside of the first compartment that you wish to fill in with a picture.

6- Selections / Modify / Expand by 1 pixel.

7- Open your first image in your PSP and copy it.

8- Activate the layer at the bottom of the pile and paste your image AS A NEW LAYER.

9- With your Move tool, place the part of the image as you wish.

- If necessary, resize it so that it fits better.

10- When you are satisfied by your result :

- Selections / Invert.

- Hit the delete key of your keyboard.

- The parts of the image that come out of your compartment will then be deleted..

11- In you layers palette, activate the top layer (your grid).

- Select another compartment and repeat steps 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

11- Keep on working that way until your 10 comparments are filled.

- All your images are now under the grid (not in it !).

12- The little squares, at the bottom of your grid are there so you can display the colours you have used for this board.

- Add a new layer so you can flood fill the squares on it.

13- You can then merge all the images like me :


14- Apply your signature.

15- Layers / Merge all.

16 - Save your work as a jpeg file.


That's it, you have done it !

If you have the slightest problem, don't hesitate to get in touch with me !

Tuto translated on the 15th of december 2017.


You'll find some versions of that tag in my gallery Here