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You'll find some versions of that tag in my gallery HERE


To realize that tag, you'll need the plugins Artistic, Mura's meister, Graphic plus, Alien skin Eye Candy 5 / Impact,

and the material zip down below :


*It is forbidden to suppress watermarks on the material provided , to alter, mist or rename the tubes in order to respect the work of the tubers

- The tube of the woman is by Anna.Br

- The tube of the scenery is by Ondina

 - The brush of the birds is by Brushthis,  the brush Rons_water15 is by Ron Deviney, the brush Smoke is by Azurylipfesstock

The other elements have been found on the net



Duplicate your tubes. Close the originals and minimize the copies for now. Export your brushes in your psp as custom brushes.


Click here to print the tutorial


You can use my arrow to follow your work



1- Open a new transparent image of 800 by 650 pixels

2- Set your material palette with two contrasted colour out of your scenery tube

My choice: Foreground : colour light blue 62c1f9

Background : colour dark blue 00305b

3- Flood fill your transparent image with your background colour

4- Effects / plugins / Mura's meister / clouds as follows :

5- Add a new raster layer

Selections / load a selection / from disk/ choose evasion1_fairymist / check Source Luminance and Replace the selection

6- Flood fill that selection in white or with a contrasting colour of your choice

Select none

7- With your wand tool set as below, click on the different parts of your border (as shown below ) while keeping the shift key pressed 

8- Keep selection !

Activate the bottom layer ( the one with the clouds ) 

Effects / Graphic plus / Cross shadow  default

9- Keep selection !

Effects / plugins / Murameister / Tone as below :

 Select none now !

10- Activate the top layer ( the one with your white border )

You may use your rubber, size 10 to delete some imperfections on that border !

Effects / 3d effets/ drop shadow / 1, 1, 60, 5, black

11- Open the tube scenery Ondina_paesaggiomare02 or a scenery tube of your choice , copy it and paste it as a new layer

12- Effects / plugins / Artistic / Watercolour / 9, 1, 1

13- Open the tube I have made from the brush "Ron's water_15", copy it and paste it as a new layer

Place it to your liking

You may choose to create your own bubble from the brush ( if your Psp accepts that big brush !) but don't forget to add a new layer !

14- Open the tube Anna.br_waiting 001 or a tube of your choice

I have resized that tube to 60% and applied the effect : Image / mirror

Adjust / sharpness / Sharpen

Place that tube in the left hand side bottom corner of your tag

15- Effects /3d effects /drop shadow / 4, 4, 50, 20, I have chosen the colour 122d41

16- Effects / plugins / alien skin eye candy 5 / Impact / Perspective shadow / Floating low / make sure you have those settings in the basic part :

17- Open the tube Smoke, copy it and paste it as a new layer

Place in the right hand side bottom corner of your tag

You may prefer to use another element of decoration

18- Add a new raster layer

Activate your brush tool set as below :

With white in your foreground, apply the brush birdbrushes_thiselectricheart_3, or a brush of your choice, in the right hand side top corner

I have set the mode of that layer to Dodge and I have lowered the opacity to 85

 19- Add a new raster layer

Activate your preset shape tool and close your background if you want to draw a shape without filling; with your white in your foreground, draw a star or a shape of your choice in the top left hand side corner of your tag

I have set the mode of that layer to Difference so that my star recalls the colour of the girl's suitcase ! Your choice will depend on the tubes you have chosen!!

20- I have added a drop shadow to my star ( 4, 4, 50, 2, black )

20- Add a new raster layer

Activate your text tool and write your title( Evasion for me ) with your white in your background, foreground closed

I have used the font MontecarloscriptNF, size 120, to write the first letter of your word

I have added a new layer and used the font Melanie, size 72 to write the rest of the word

21- Layers / merge down ( all the letters of that word will be on the same layer!)

I have set the mode of that layer to Difference for the same reason as on point 19

22- Add a new raster layer and apply your signature

23- Make sure everything is at the right place

Image / add some symmetrical borders of 3 pixels in white

24- Save your work as a jpeg file and resize your tag if necessary


That's it !! You've done it !!

If you 've enjoyed doing my tutorial, it would be nice to write a few words in my guest book ! If you 've had the slightest problem, please, send me a mail here so I can see to the problem !

Tutorial translated on the 15th of august 2009


You'll find some versions of that tag in my gallery HERE