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You'll find some versions of that tag in my gallery HERE


To realize that tag, you'll need the plugins :

- Alien skin Eye Candy 5 / Impact

- Mura's seamless here

and the material zip down below :


*It is forbidden to suppress watermarks on the material provided , to alter, mist or rename the tubes in order to respect the work of the tubers

- The tube of the couple is by  Jan

You may join in her sharing group here

- The mask used is by Beba Graphix

The other elements have been found on the net



Duplicate your tubes and mask. Close the originals and minimize the copies for now

- Place the texture in your textures folder

- Place the selection in your selection folder

- Place the picture tube in your picture tube folder


Click here to print the tutorial


You can use my arrow to follow your work



1- Open a new transparent image of 800 by 650 pixels

2- Set your colour palette with two colours matching you main tube

My choice : Foreground : colour bbd4bc

Background : colour abcdd9

Set your foreground with a linear gradient as below :


3- Flood fill your transparent layer with that gradient

4- Now, set your background with a darker colour , matching your background

I have chosen the colour 2d3f54

I have set my foreground with a light colour def2fe

Keep that new gradient in your foreground ( we'll need it on step 16)

5- Activate the Texture in your background


Choose texture Point type ( Corel-15-010 ) and set as below

6- Add a new raster layer

Selections / load a selection from disk / choose "selection_happyvalentine_fairymist"/ check Source Luminance and Replace the selection

7- With your flood filling tool, flood fill your selection with your background texture ( right click of your mouse )

Select none

I have lowered the opacity of that layer to 50, it 's up to you to decide what opacity suits you, according to the colours you have chosen

You may play with the mode of that layer if you wish

8- Layers / Duplicate

Image / Flip

9- Layers /Merge visible

10- Add a new raster layer

Activate your picture tube tool ( Letter I ) and set it as below

( Choose the picture tube "wwpixelaceheart8" or a picture tube of your choice )

Apply the picture tube all along the dotted band, keep pressing in order to get a regular line

You can use the grid to help you ( View / grid  )

You may use my "frisecoeurs", if you prefer ( copy it and paste it as a new layer )

With your move tool , place your line of hearts at the right place ( as shown on my tag)

11- I have set the mode of that layer to Luminance Legacy

Layers / duplicate

Image / Flip

12- Add a new raster layer and flood fill it in white ( or a colour of your choice! )

13- Layers / new mask layer /  from image / choose the mask BebaGxSnValentin004 / Check Source Luminance and Invert 

Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen more

Layers / Merge group

Set the mode of that layer to Screen

14- With your magic wand set as below , select the inside of the central heart

15- Selections / Modify / expand by 3 pixels

Hit delete to suppress the inside of the heart

Keep the selection

16- Add a new raster layer

Layers / arrange / Move down

17- Flood fill the selection with the same gradient as on step 4

Select none

Set the mode of that layer to Dissolve and lower the opacity to 65

18- Open the tube "lovebug"  or a tube of your choice, copy it and paste it as a new layer

The tube will then be in the center of your tag, but you may move it slightly so it is in the middle of the central heart of the mask

 - I have chosen to add an emboss effect on that tube but you may not want to do it !

Effects / plugins / Mura's Seamless / Emboss at alpha default

19- Open the tube "coeur" ( that I have made with my preset shape tool +  Eye candy 4000 / glass effect ), copy it and paste it as a new layer

You may colorize that tube or decide to create your own decorative shapes with your preset shape tool or with a brush !!

Duplicate that layer as many times as you want to have hearts or other decorative elements on your tag

I have used : Image / free rotation a few times

You may use my layer with all my hearts if you wish !!

20- Open the tube "textehappyvalentine" , copy it and paste it as a new layer

That tube may be colorized

You can write your own text, on a round vector circle if you prefer

I have slightly moved my text upwards so the central heart of my mask is in the middle of it

21- Open the tube "JC-KyBowles_Umbrellalove" or a tube of your choice, copy it and paste it as a new layer

Place it at the right place

I have duplicated the layer so the tube shows off better

( Layers / merge down )

22- Open the tubes Mailbox and Dottrails or tubes of your choice, copy them and paste them as new layers

Place your tubes at the right place

23- I have put a drop shadow on each of those tubes :

Effects /3d effects / drop shadow / 2, 2, 30, 3, black

Unless you prefer to apply the Emboss at Alpha effect on them !

24- Add a new raster layer and apply your signature

Make sure everything is in its place !

25- Image / add some symmetrical borders of 3 pixels in white or colour of your  choice

26- Layers / Promote background layer ( your background layer will be converted to a raster layer )

27- Image / resize at 90% ( Resize all the layers NOT checked !)

28- Effects / plugins / Alien skin Eye candy 5 / impact / Perspective shadow / Drop shadow blurry default, as below :

29- Add a new raster layer and flood fill it with your dark background colour ( as on step 4)

30- Layers / arrange / move down

31- Add a new raster layer and flood fill it with the texture used on step 7

Lower the opacity of that layer to 50

32- Image / add some symmetrical borders of 3 pixels in white or colour of your  choice

33- Save your work as a jpeg file and resize the tag if necessary


That's it !! You've done it !!

If you 've enjoyed doing my tutorial, it would be nice to write a few words in my guest book ! If you 've had the slightest problem, please, send me a mail here so I can see to the problem !

Tutorial translated on the 30th of January 2010


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