Thank you for putting a link to this tutorial, whenever you display your realization of that tag on a website, on a group or in a mail !


To make that tag, you'll need the plugins Artistic, Fm Tools

and the material zip down below :

- The tubes, brush and picture have been found on the net, if they are your property, let me know I will take them off or put a link to your site.


Open your Psp, open the tubes, and the picture, duplicate them, close the originals and minimize the copies for now. Place the brush in your brushes folder.

Now, we're ready to start !


1- Open a new transparent image of 700 x 600 pixels

Select all

2- Open the "fractal image 23", copy it and paste it into the selection

Select none

3-Effects / plug ins / Artistic / cut out / 4, 4, 2

4-Effects / plug ins /Fm Tools / Blend emboss default

5-Open the tube "FBR_whatsup", copy it and paste it as a new layer

Image / resize at 75 % ( "resize all layers" not checked )

Adjust / sharpness / sharpen

Place the tube as shown on my tag

6-Effects / 3D effects/ drop shadow / 4, 4, 50, 20, black

7-Open the tube "fil", copy it and paste it as a new layer

8-Effects / Image effects / offset as below :

9- Effects /distortion effects / curlicues as follow :

10- Effects / plugins /Fm Tools / Blend emboss default

Layers / merge visible

11-Open the tube "diapos cinema", copy it and paste as a new layer

Image / resize at 75%

12-Effects /image effects / offset as shown on line 8 but with -120 horizontal and - 140 vertical (watch out, the numbers are negative !)

13-Open the image "caravan" or a picture of your choice and select the rectangular selection tool, draw on a part of your picture that you like, a rectangle slightly bigger than the slide

14-Copy your selection and paste it as a new layer on your tag

15-Image / free rotate / 10 °, right

16-Place the picture in the middle of the left hand side slide

17-With your magic wand, set as shown below, select the inner part of the left hand side slide (to select the two parts of the inside of the slide, keep the shift key pressed)

18- Selections /invert

Hit delete to suppress the part of your picture which is outside the selection

Select none

19- Repeat the steps 13, 14,16, 17 et 18 with another selection of the picture caravan and with the middle slide

Don't do the step 15 because that slide doesn't need to rotate

20- Repeat the steps 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 with a third selection of your picture caravan and with the right hand side slide

At step 15, rotate 15 °, left

21-Layers / merge all

22- Add a new layer

Set your foreground with the colour f6e3da and select the pen tool set as follow (size 3 or 4) :

Draw 4 vertical lines as shown below and keep the shift key pressed while you're drawing (that will make your vertical lines straight !)

23- Lower the opacity of that layer with vertical lines to 60

24- Add a new layer

Foreground colour : f6e3da / background closed

With your text tool , write the letter M en capital letters (size approx 80, thickness 2) with a classical font of your choice

25- Effects / 3D effects/ drop shadow / 1, 1, 100, 1 (or 2), black

Place your letter M, underneath the first vertical line on your left

26- Repeat the steps 24 and 25 with the other letters

27- Add a new layer

Select your paint brush, choose the brush Tomorrow (size 233) or another brush of your choice

Apply the brush on the top of the tag as shown here

Effects / 3D effects/ drop shadow / 1, 1, 100, 1 (or 2), black

28- Add a new layer, apply your signature

29- Image / add new symmetrical borders of 2 pixels with the colour 471707 Image / add new symmetrical borders of 2 pixels with the colour 963d1b

30- Save as a jpeg file

That's it !! If you 've enjoyed doing my tutorial, it would be nice to write a few words in my guest book ! If you 've had the slightest problem, please, send me a mail so I can see to the problem !

Translation done on the 15th of august 2008


Thank you Sherri for that stunning version


You can see all the versions that are on the French tutorial page here